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This is the theological blog of Mike Bradley. The core of this blog (for now) is an argument that there is something not quite right in the typical modern American church. The posts contained here primarily try to explore, define, and suggest how we might fix this.

Where to start

There are three great places to start, watch a short video, read a few articles, or listen to a sermon. I’ll post some suggestions below. My sincerest hope is that the material you find here would help you in your search for God, that is why it was authored.

Recommended Video:

This is a series of three quotes by John Owen, taken out of his commentary on the book of Hebrews. When I first read these words, I realized my Christian life fell far short of what the Puritans considered a healthy life.

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About Us

“We may have more wealth in these days, better education, greater comfort in traveling and in our surroundings even as missionaries, but have we the spirit of urgency, the deep, inward convictions that moved those who went before us; have we the same passion of love, personal love for the Lord Jesus Christ? If these are lacking, it is a loss for which nothing can compensate.” ~ Hudson Taylor

On Puritans

No group of people has influenced the way I see God and the way I live life more than the puritans have. And of them, my greatest influence is John Owen. I know of no short book for bringing older Christians out of stagnation or bondage better than John Owen’s Mortification of Sin.

Somehow, through the centuries, the puritans have developed the reputation for being puritanical. In all of my readings of the puritans, I have found the opposite is more typically true. In the modern church, the men who are fighting the the hardest against moralism and legalism—biblically—are the ones who have been the most influenced by the puritans. Oddly enough, the puritans seem to be one of the best antidotes for cold religion.

Name and Logo Rational

The logo depicts the globe encompassed by, or in subjection to, the Trinity. This represents the Kingdom of God as it will one day look: namely, all that is in subjection to the Godhead.

Daniel 2 illustrates this kingdom as a shattering stone which crushes the kingdoms of this world and grows to fill the whole earth. The Gospel accounts tell us that Christ is this shattering stone and that His first advent brought with it the inauguration of this kingdom, which is currently growing to encompass all aspects of life. This will be perfectly accomplished in Christ’s return, but until that day, it is the Church’s responsibility to bring this reality about more fully each day.

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