The Rest of God | Mike Bradley

Hebrews 4:1–3
God rests ultimately and absolutely in Christ as exhibited in the gospel. Christ is he in whom the Soul of God delights in in whom God is well pleased. —Owen

Take Care | Mike Bradley

It is good to have this spring of all our danger in the course of our profession continually in our eye. Here it lies, the root of it is here laid open; and if it be not continually watched against, all our other endeavours to persevere blameless unto the end are and will be in vain. —Owen

Today | Mike Bradley

Hebrews 3:7–12 The psalmist, “after so long a season,” as the apostle speaks, calls the people to hear the voice of God, as it sounded on mount Sinai at the giving of the law. Not only the law itself, and the authority of God therein, but the manner also of its delivery, by the great and terrible voice of God, is to be regarded, as if God did still continue so to speak unto us. So also is it in...

Consider Jesus | Mike Bradley

A sermon on Hebrews 3:1.
But here lies the root of men’s failings in this matter, they seek for truth of themselves and of other men, but not of Christ.

Our High Priest | Mike Bradley

A sermon on Hebrews 2:17–18.
This lies at the bottom of all the saints’ communion with Christ,—a deep, fixed, resolved persuasion of an absolute and indispensable necessity of a righteousness wherewith to appear before God.

The Death of Death | Mike Bradley

A sermon on Hebrews 2:14–16.
The first and principal end of the Lord Christ's taking on a human nature, was not to reign in that nature, but to suffer and die in it.

The Epistle of Christ | Mike Bradley

Nothing is glorious like our God is glorious. He is glorious in holiness. His splendor can not be fully declared by any created thing, but of all created things, there is one thing that most fully declares the glory of God. This is called the Epistle of Christ. It is the letter that God has written about himself to declare his own glory.

Christ Our Brother (part 2) | Mike Bradley

A sermon from Hebrews 2:12–13.
Christ was one with us in that he was brought into a condition where it was necessary for him to trust in God.

Christ Our Brother | Mike Bradley

And this is a ground of unspeakable consolation unto believers, with supportment in every condition. No unworthiness in them, no misery upon them, shall ever hinder the Lord Christ from owning them, and openly avowing them to be his brethren. He is a brother born for the day of trouble, a Redeemer for the friendless and fatherless. Let their miseries be what they will, he will be ashamed of none...

Random Quote

Sin cannot be annihilated through legalism, monasticism, pietism, asceticism, pharisaism, celibacy, self-flagellation, confessional booths, rosary beads, hail Marys, or any other external means. The instrument of mortification is the Holy Spirit, and His power is the energy that works in Christians to carry out the process.

— John MacArthur