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Father, thank you that I know your love and can sing your praise. Yet there are many things I would rather do right now than dwell with you. This is evil Lord. It is a nefarious evil because we don’t see it as evil. Lord there are multitudes that believe that fragmented hearts are able to offer acceptable praise. Redeem us oh Lord. Save this very heart of mine from listless affection. Convict me of the sins of preferring sleep, distractions, vain day-dreaming, and the like to dwelling with you in prayer and supping with you from your word. Thank you for the change being wrought in my heart even as I write these words. Holy and powerful are you. New are your mercies each morning. Leave me not to my own ways Lord. Be gracious. Change my heart. You Lord are faithful to do it.

Carey said, “expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.” My great thing for right now is to change my heart into one that delights to daily tell of the greatness of God to all. That would lake the hand of God, for it is far from me.

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Now, the sum of all that the Lord Christ expects from us in this world may be reduced unto these two heads:—1. That we should live holily to him; 2. That we should suffer patiently for him. And in these things alone is he glorified by us. … Where these things are, where this revenue of glory is paid in and returned unto him, he repents not of his purchase, nor of the invaluable price he hath paid for us.

— John Owen