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Lord, forgive my pride in thinking that I deserve more of you because I am seeking you better than others. I fear that such a thought will yield as a consequence long hours and days where I cannot find you. Let me humble myself instead of requiring chastisement. Help me not to “pay you back” so that you wont return the payment back on my head swiftly (Joel 3:4). Grant me contrition and humility. May I serve you with hand to mouth and mouth to dust.
Thank you God for the example I have in those that have gone before. For Jesus’ sake you granted them humility. For His sake, you will do the same for me. Such faith you have given me.
Return not my deeds on my head, for they are evil in your sight (Oba. 1:15).

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Consider the work of thy generation. Count to run with the foremost therein.

— John Bunyan