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Yearning for communion with God, that is what I’m seeking in these morning pursuits. Oh my soul, cease being content with right interpretation and long to taste God. Lord, let me taste of your goodness this morning.

Thank you Father, that you not only hear my prayer, but you delight in it.

Forgive your people and your churches Lord. They don’t walk with you. Often they even put off people from walking with you. Save us Lord. For your Son’s sake, don’t let things remain such. At any cost, do not let us go. Send revival. Awaken the sleeper. Make her beautiful. Make her your delight. Forgive me for not fighting for her, for being put off the pursuit with vanity and pride. Let Israel say, “His steadfast love endures forever.” Let her not care about such things as the failing economy. She has you.

Thank you from my depth oh my God, for sending me your Spirit this morning—that I might offer up effectual, faithful prayers to you for your Church. Thank you Savior—you this morning have saved and redeemed me from apathy and pride, and have brought me to contrition, faith, hope, love. You’ve brought me to your banqueting table, here I will be content. Let me go out now and seek to bring others to this table, as well as seek others who can help keep me here. Oh, for the communion of the saints. Deny it not from us for long. Deny it not from your Son for long. Look to the price he paid. Will you not give him what he purchased? My heart breaks that this is denied him. Give to him a pure spotless bride. His wounds pour effectual prayers for her wholeness. Herein my God—hear oh ye skeptics—herein, my God shall not fail. My God’s love for his Son shall never lack, never falter. Look, and be amazed. Be in wonder of his great love. Look to the cross and see that same love towards you. Will you remain apathetic towards such love? Will you contrive to pull his bride asunder for the sake of your thoughts and ideas? Repent oh Israel. He loves her, and will set himself against those who set themselves against his bride.

As a post-script, I feel as if this is one of the sweetest times of communion I have ever had with God. I have not been able to capture the hundredth part of it in paper, but I did get some. I just told Ellie that I feel like I took a sledge-hammer and ran at what has been a solid oaken door to swing with all my might, that God might grant me entrance. Yet this morning, the door was tissue and my zeal, met with unexpected ease, carried me, off-balance and a-kilter, into the loving arms of my savior. There, I have persisted for the last hour and still do persist. Surely, I can see God’s love to me in making it so hard to find him these last few days. If for nothing else (and there is much else), it gave me sweeter communion this morning and that is worth it 100 times over. If you are reading this and know God, rejoice to him for his goodness to me the morning. If not, be persuaded by my story. The kingdom of God is not a matter of words but of power! See in my words then, not the words themselves, but the underlying power of God.

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Without an absolute hatred of sin as sin, what business do you have cleaning up some particular part of your life? You who hold on to your sin in tenderness, calling it sweet names, are like Saul who saved the choicest possessions of the Amalekites for himself. The sin that you are holding on to, Christ bled and died for the sake of it, so set yourself against it as the Father set himself against his Son as a result of it.

— John Owen