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Awesome are your deeds among the children of men oh Lord. And awesome are your deeds in my heart. You have made me—even me—a servant of you. You have taken my cold, dead heart and replaced it with a heart of flesh. You are with us, who can stand against? You bless, who can curse? What can man do to the one whom the Lord delights to honor? Let the world see, though my blessedness, how great is our God!

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There is neither encouragement nor room in Bible religion for feeble desires, listless efforts, lazy attitudes; all must be strenuous, urgent, ardent. Flamed desires, impassioned, unwearied insistence delight heaven. God would have His children incorrigibly in earnest and persistently bold in their efforts. Heaven is too busy to listen to half-hearted prayers or to respond to pop-calls. Our whole being must be in our praying.

— E.M. Bounds