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My soul seems perturbed and frustrated that I have to seek God again. Can’t I have a day off? Don’t I get a break from pursuing him? As a compromise, I want to offer up good service and conversation. I’ll read, pray, or do anything rather than the soul rending work of being content with nothing less than God himself. Lord, lift me out of this attitude. Let me know the sinfulness of it, so that I might repent.

Psa. 145. Lord, let me dwell with you, there I will find true peace. Let me find meaning in extolling you and blessing your name. Help me to meditate on your wonderous works. Help me to be good to all as you are. Use me to make known your mighty deeds. Help me to rest in your gospel and not in my might.

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Where the work of sanctification and spiritual cleansing is really begun in any, there the whole person is, and is thence denominated, holy. … for although there may be defilements adhering unto their actions, yet their persons are sanctified: so that no unholy person hath any communion with Christ, no member of his body is unholy,—that is, absolutely so, in such a state as thence to be denominated unholy.

— John Owen