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My prayers this morning have been week and ineffectual. My mind has been wandering; I long to stop. I have little hope for success in finding God. My faith is abysmal. I do not want to be journaling about this. And yet I do so for this reason: I will rise. Perhaps in five minutes, perhaps in five days, but it will happen. My lord will lift me up. So I do him honor by highlighting the depths of my faithlessness now, so that the light might shine forth all the brighter when it comes. Lord, let my trials of faith serve the good of your saints and your namesake.

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Shall I come into thy presence, O my God, and mock thee with cold-hearted words? Do the angels veil their faces before thee, and shall I be content to prattle through a form with no soul and no heart? Ah, my brethren! we little know how many of our prayers are an abomination unto the Lord.

— C.H. Spurgeon