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You will not let the nations say of me, “where is his God,” for you will lift me up. Thank you oh Lord, the work has already been done, the sacrifice made, the propitiation laid up. Now my heart can rest in you. You will never fail me. You will guide me down the right paths. Naught but good will ever betide me. You see, oh my enemy? Rejoice not when I stumble, for my God is YHVH and he will not let me fall. Rejoice oh ye saints, for God is our God. How happy, that I get to seek the Lord every day. Some days will be easy, some hard: both are a blessing from his hand.

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Often I had tried to make myself a Christian; and failing of course in such efforts, I began at last to think that for some reason or other I could not be saved, and that the best I could do was to take my fill of this world, as there was no hope for me beyond the grave.

— J. Hudson Taylor