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Every time I get in a discussion with someone regarding communion with God where the other party denies it as an essential part of our walk, the next morning I have a hard time feeling my need of God. Oh, my soul, can you not see how far from God you are? You ought be desperate for him!

I can’t really say I know where I communion with God this morning. It certainly wasn’t through a good search by me. Praise the Lord that he has filled me anyway. My heart is undeserving of the state it is in—yet I would still have more. Fill me up this day Lord, that I might overflow into your elect.

I’m reminded once again in talking to Ellie, who typically has a much easier time of finding God than I, that perhaps God has granted me a special dispensation of coldness that I might better help other find God.

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The tree of the cross being cast into the waters of affliction hath rendered them wholesome and medicinal.

— John Owen