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We have felt lately that God would provide for all the necessary steps to get us to where he wants us to minister. One of those steps has been selling our trailer. It just sold. What a God we serve. He provides for us in all things great and small. Even as I write this out he is raising up livestock and produce that I will someday eat. He is preparing ministers to speak life into my life. He is preparing souls for me to minister unto. He does all of this with all the care and attentiveness of a lover preparing a gift for the beloved.
The last step of the sale required a public notary. I had arranged for one prior, but she did not show up. We went to several other locations, all of which were supposed to have notaries, but none of them did. Some emergency or other prevented all of them from being available to us. It finally occurred to me to pray. I prayed something to the effect of, “Lord, I believe this sale is of you and for the purpose of furthering the work of your kingdom. Apparently, we need a notary to complete this sale, so please send us one in your good timing.” Within a minute, we had found a notary. This is a story I have heard many times before. Mueller, after he had finished the work on his first orphanage could not open it because he forgot to pray for children. We near the end of a journey and forget that we need God’s help for the final paces of the race. Thank you Lord, for the gentle reminder.

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Jesus Christ went more willingly to the cross than we do to the throne of grace.

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