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Sinfully stayed up late engaging in vanities last night so that I was tired and lethargic this morning. Did not want to seek after God. Joy of joys I was enabled to believe that God’s grace would shine through the brighter in my sin. Later I was enabled to pray with some degree of fervency for my own sake and for the sake of churches who are not dwelling with God and pastors who do not plead with people to commune with God.

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Where the work of sanctification and spiritual cleansing is really begun in any, there the whole person is, and is thence denominated, holy. … for although there may be defilements adhering unto their actions, yet their persons are sanctified: so that no unholy person hath any communion with Christ, no member of his body is unholy,—that is, absolutely so, in such a state as thence to be denominated unholy.

— John Owen