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Yesterday, I had a small yet wonderful revelation in prayer. I have been influenced by Owen and Bunyan towards praying almost exclusively the promises of scripture. I have also been inspired by Lawrence and Laubach to pray for everyone I see at least a small prayer. A combination of these two yields a very sweet prayer. Why? Practicing this yesterday slowly built up a joy in my subconscious until it finally pushed to the front of my brain. Almost everyone I’ve seen, I’ve prayed a prayer that absolutely will be answered! God will not forsake his own word nor my prayers that are in accord with them. In some mysterious way, I’ve helped and loved—to some small but very real extent—almost everyone I’ve seen today. This eventually dawned on me and lifted me up to praise my Lord. One, because they are helped and he therein is shown to be a good God towards them. Two, because I am continually taught faith by praying prayers that are not doubting but assured. Three, because he could leave me without this grace, but he has not. He continually shows his favor to me. What new revelation of his love and goodness will I get today? I do not know specifically, but I do know that my God will never fail to reveal himself, in ever increasing ways, to his beloved.

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