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Several remarkable things happened yesterday

  1. We were up in the blowing rock area yesterday looking for a swimming hole that I had been to before, but did not know how to get back to. We prayed that God would help us find it. As we were having lunch, we happened to run into someone we knew from town who also happened to be up in the mountains that day. He told us there were some swimming holes in a particular direction out of Boone. The short of the story, is we eventually happened upon the exact spot I had remembered. Truly he denies us no good thing, no matter how trivial.
  2. As we were coming home from swimming, we nearly got side swiped. The truck would have run right into Ellie had we not swerved away. Yet there was a car just a few feet to my left as well that preventing me from swerving very far. By the grace of God, somehow, we threaded that needle and escaped unscathed. Yet, my nerves were shot from the adrenaline and so we pulled over and spent some time in a Christian bookstore that we happened to be close by.
  3. I had, what I think, was an angioma, on my neck, which is a cluster of raised blood vessels. It was about the size of a pea. The dermatologist said it would take up to $600 to remove it. I prayed about it the night before, and yesterday, in a Christian bookstore, Selah grabbed it and ripped it off. There was a good bit of blood involved. After a good bit of pressure, it finally stopped bleeding and now it appears to be gone.
  4. When we got home, we found out some information that might cause us to leave for San Luis Obispo without selling our house.

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There is no greater nor more forcible motive to contend against all the defiling actings of sin, which is our mortification, than this, that by the neglect hereof the temple of the Spirit will be defiled, which we are commanded to watch against, under the severe commination of being destroyed for our neglect therein.

— John Owen